Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still recovering from the weekend....

Sorry for the pause in posting - but I spent most of last week in the Dentist chair (long story) or joining my partners in crime (Sara McCord and Nadia Paul) in putting the final touches on our "not so surprised" birthday party for our husbands.

Justin - along with some great friends - Adam and Jason will turn 30 next month.  We celebrated this weekend with a party for all three.  So fun!  We have great photos and stories to share.

However, right now I'm still trying to recover from throwing the party...and Justin?...well he's trying to recover from partying like he was still 21.  :)

Stay tuned for photos, updates, and stories of three 30 year old men coming to terms with the fact that they had to call it quits at Midnight!  :)

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