Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GNO Christmas 2009

This past weekend, Justin, Jackson, and I drove to Greensburg, IN to celebrate GNO Christmas.

Most of you know, once a month I get together with a group of the greatest girls I know for a Girls Night Out (AKA - GNO).  Or, as Justin likes to tease, "OMG - ITS GNO!"  :)

Everyone once in a while we will invite the men to come along to one of our get-togethers, and I have to admit - they make us laugh.

We have started a tradition in the past couple of years to set aside a day during the holidays to celebrate Christmas together with our families.  As each of us have growing families it gets more fun each year to celebrate with children.

Justin and I felt so lucky to celebrate with the Harms', the Charles', and the Noah's this year.  They were all so good to Jackson who is constantly playing with his new MICKEY toys or insisting that I play the Elmo See N Say with him - all gifts he opened at the GNO Christmas.

It was especially exciting to share gifts with Baby Will Harms- as it was his first Christmas.
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Jackson and Will
  Jackson loves babies and couldn't help but give him hugs and kisses all night.  He also enjoyed playing with Addison Charles as she helped him up and down the stairs and back up again.

Addison and Jackson
  Jackson also loved all the men teaching him how to hike the ball and yell out plays such as "Blue 42!"

"Blue 42!"
Next year our GNO Christmas will be even larger as we will have welcomed Baby Noah and Baby Charles #2 into our clan.  Can't wait!  Little ones make holidays even sweeter...so do great friends.

Thanks again to our wonderful friends for always being so great to Jackson, and Justin and I too!  We are so lucky to have you all in our lives!  

I heart my GNO friends (and husbands)!


deb said...

I noticed he's wearing his blue Polo. Did it fit?

Anonymous said...

We had a great time! Addison thouroughly looks forward to and enjoys the times that we can all be together! Addison has even Easy Baked...and she LOVED it. We cannot wait until we can all get together again!
Love--Aaron, Kristin, & Addison