Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loved The Children's Museum!

Justin and I recently took Jackson to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  I hadn't been in years and we had a great time!  Jackson's favorite (mine too) was the Yuletide slide.  We would wait in line, take our turn and the minute we reached the bottom he would ask for "more" (including sign language and all).  

We visited other parts of the museum in between each turn on the slide.  Jackson loved the playscape area.  We loved seeing him explore and have fun!

Enjoy our photos and a short video!

First trip down the slide! 

Light switches that made just for Jackson 
to turn On and Off - he loved it!

First-time fishing with Dad (probably the only time) :)

Check out the hand dryer in the video - 
it might have been Jackson's favorite part of the museum.


McCord Family said...

Uncle Adam can take Jackson & Maddy fishing!!

Looks so fun!!

Stacey B. said...

Have you ever noticed that only kids and old ladies can pull off being cute in a full matching jogging suite!