Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old Photos = Good Memories

I've been looking through old photos.

I love coming across old photos of my Dad.  Most of them have a memory or a story attached to them.  I cherish any moment I get to recall a moment I shared with my Dad.

This pictured made me smile the minute I saw it.  I think it was Easter Sunday - but most importantly my Dad was doing what he loved most.  He was being a Grandpa!  You can tell by the smile on his face that he was thrilled to be crowded by his grandchildren (minus Maddie and Jackson wasn't born yet).

I always got teased by my sisters about always snapping photos of moments like these.  I knew there would be a day that we would want to look back and remember how Dad would light up when he was with his grandchildren.  I wish he was still here only to look up at me with his goofy smile annoyed I was once again snapping his photo.  So instead, I will cherish these photos when I come across them on days like today.

Miss you so...


1 comment:

deb said...

Love this one. Always have, especially because he looks so happy.

The kids loved that swing...and their Papaw. :)