Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome to the World, Baker!

Welcome to the world, Baby Baker!

Baby Baker was born last Tuesday and had a lot of excitement right away.

I will let his Mommy share pictures and the exciting story of his arrival with you at the Quire Chronicles - coming soon, I'm sure.  

I just wanted to take a minute and congratulate Jessica, Jeremy, and Campbell on the newest addition to their family.  I met Baker yesterday and he is so handsome!  I have already told Jessica I will be back right away for another visit.  This little guy is too cute to resist.

Lots of well wishes for the entire Quire family!  This little boy is lucky to have such great parents!...and I hear Campbell has already adjusted to being a great big sister.  Was there ever any doubt???

Love you all!

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Jessica said...

Thank you Kris! It was so nice to see you and have you visit. Baker is doing well and it looks like we might get to go home tomorrow. I sure will try to get some posting done here in the next week or so. You know how I do on this blog thing...always behind. love you