Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally! A visit with the McCord's!

Jackson and Maddy

These past couple months have been a tough one on the immune systems in this house.  Mostly, Jackson's.  But even Justin and I have taken a beating with the 24 hour stomach flu - needless to say not many people have wanted to be around us lately - especially those with little ones themselves.  Can't blame them.

It had seemed forever since we had seen our good friends from the McCord Family.  We would always make plans and had to cancel due to Jackson's ear infections, strep throat, or even our stomach bug.  The McCord's have battled through sickness too - Poor Miss Maddy even had Pink Eye...and I SWEAR I didn't give Sara the stomach flu through our daily e-mails!  :)

Justin called me a couple of days ago and said he had chatted with Adam and it seemed we were all healthy at the same time!  So we arranged a meeting time and ordered Pizza!  Finally - we were gonna get to see Miss Maddy - oh, and Adam and Sara too!  :)

Maddy has gotten so big with lots of spunk.  Jackson was quick to show her to his room and literally get out EVERY toy we own.  Just when I thought Jackson had found the perfect toy for Maddy to play with...he would snatch it back and tell her "MINE!"  Not a good way to win over the ladies, Jackson.  I know its his age, but I wanted him to be a good host!  :)

In the end the two played well together.  Jackson ate Pizza with us and even insisted on sitting at the island with Adam and Justin - just like the big boys!  Maddy showed off her crawling skills and how much she loves shoes!  (Sara is teaching her well!)

So great to finally catch up with the McCords...and so great to see Miss Maddy!  Jackson was quite smitten!  The next morning he looked around and through his hands in the air and asked "Baby?"......we promised she will be back!

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McCord Family said...

Fingers crossed that we all stay healthy!! Thanks for having us over.

Maddy looks like she is being eaten by her vest :)