Monday, July 6, 2009

A Very Sad Day for The Bixler's

Sophie and Oscar

Sophie and Jackson


Today is a sad day.

Today we are giving our dog, Sophie, away for adoption. 

We found a nice family in Franklin, IN who is excited about their new pet.

We would love to keep her.  However, she is a very "needy" dog.  Her new "Mom" is a stay-at-home Mom and will be with her all day.  Much better than we could do for her.

We will miss her.  I will miss her early morning wake-up calls, the cold nights outside while she "took her time", and THE bark (for those of you who know Sophie - know its one of a kind).  More than anything, I will miss the loving way she allowed Jackson to beat up on her.  As Jackson was learning crawl and pull up - he often used Sophie has a stool...she didn't care.  :)

I will also miss her walking into Jackson's room with me each night before I go to bed to just "check on him."  It was almost as if she needed to "check on him" too.  

Funny - as I am writing this - I can't remember why we are giving her to another family...

But I know it is best. 

Thank you for loving our family the way you do.  You are one of a kind...

We will miss you.

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Stacey B. said...

This breaks my heart. I'm glad you found her a good home.