Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2 - Not So Great!

Ok...so Day 2 of Pre-school didn't go as good as the first. I had expected this. I think it didn't go well for a few reasons. I think it turns out to be a longer day than Jackson is used to. Jackson is awake earlier and is used to two cat-naps a day. At pre-school he is asked to take one long nap.

It is just a change to his normal routine.

I also think Jackson is missing his Daddy. One bright side of Justin loosing his job this past January was that he got to me home with Jackson for almost 8 months. They are best buddies and I know Jackson is missing him.

Jackson's day didn't go terrible, but he was in a terrible mood when I got to school. I took one look at him and knew he was tired. We said good-bye to the teacher and to the triplets (his girlfriends) and we were out the door. We got to the car and then I started thinking I had picked up the wrong child. This child started kicking, screaming, and even scratching his way out of his car seat. I was sweating trying to fight him into the seat. Where was Jackson - this was not my son!

I was too busy realizing that Jackson had ripped my dress to notice that all of the other parents were staring at us.

By the next time I took a break from fighting Jackson into the seat, I realized all of the teachers were heading to their cars. I'm pretty sure they won't be honoring me as "Mom of the Year" anytime soon.

I decided to walk Jackson to the ice cream parlor next door. I know I shouldn't have "rewarded" his behavior, but I this point I was hot - and wanted some ice cream. As I sat down with Jackson - we both took a deep breath. Just then, my friend Sara McCord (who I had chatted with in the middle of Jackson's breakdown) called to check on us. The next thing I know she and her husband, Adam, pulled up to help.

Jackson went right to Adam. I think I even saw a SMILE at one point as Adam gently put Jackson in his car seat. Adam and Sara must think I made all of this up...I just watched with amazement.

A big thanks to Adam and Sara for coming to my rescue!

Adam and Sara,
I'll just meet you at the Pre-school every day about 5:30 - sound good? :)

Here is to hoping tomorrow goes better.....

P.S. I did fix the song in the slideshow in the post below. Notice the song says "I get in my seat" - Jackson must not have heard that part....

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McCord Family said...

Jackson is just one strong willed little guy! We were happy to help!! I may find myself in the same situation someday.