Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take your Dog to Work Day!

Sophie and I at my desk

Lori and Buttons

Emily and Campden
Last Friday was National Take your Dog to Work Day!

My office allowed us to bring in our dogs for the day.

So I loaded Sophie into the car and took her to show here where I work.About after two hours I decided that "Take your Baby to Work Day" would have been easier.

Sophie barked at EVERYONE!

Other dogs were so good and quiet, but not Sophie. She was social and wanted to get to know everyone!

She was voted LOUDEST dog! I don't think I will participate next year...and I think my coworkers will appreciate that! :)
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Lori said...

What a photogenic bunch of pups! :)

Anonymous said...

You can take Cujo next year :)

deb said...

I think you have ALL lost your marbles. Who DOES this?

Watch where you step...