Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need a laugh?

Need a laugh?  I do (read post below to see why).

Justin's Dad recently downloaded an old "home movie" from Justin's high-school years.

This video was taken at the Highland High School Cheer annual banquet.  This "co-ed" squad was the entertainment for the evening.....and for many years later thanks for John Bixler video taping the event. 

Please notice that Justin is the short one, Jake Pinkerton is the tall one, and Cory Riggs is also in there...all still great friends today.

To all the HHS cheerleaders reading this....its funny - but oh so true!  They got us down - even to the awards ceremony!  :)  Justin needs to work on his jumps!  


Click the link below to view and laugh! 


Anonymous said...

Such talent that went to waste ha ha, I can't believe how little they look!!! oh yea your dad always thought Justin was short :)


Nadia said...

I needed this laugh today! Good stuff!!!

Thanks for sharing!


mboyd said...

This is priceless. After John sent it out, I have been sending it out to friends who know Justin. It is hilarious. Ol' Bixler looked like he might have been the team captain. lol

Anonymous said...

Well if he wasn't a team captain you knew he had seen many a competition because they had even the suspense of waiting to see who won down to a science!!! We laugh out loud everytime we see this and we have seen it many times!!!