Monday, June 7, 2010

We won't call Broadway just yet....

This past weekend, Jackson performed in his very first Learning Time Summer Program. Justin and I have attended these programs for years to watch my nieces and nephews (at least one of them has been enrolled at Learning Time for almost nine years). Each year it would tug at our hearts to watch our favorite little ones march across that stage. Justin even teared up when our niece, Madeline, performed the graduation number her Kindergarten year (It was High School Musical themed).

We couldn't believe that we actually had a child in this years show. Truth be told, when we were looking at other pre-schools Justin would ask if they held a similar show each year. If they didn't, Justin instantly crossed them off the list! So you could imagine our excitement to watch Jackson in this years show.

Jackson had told us for a couple of weeks that he would be singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" along with some dance moves. Jackson's entire class had practiced for weeks and the suspense was killing us...we couldn't wait to see what his teachers had come up with...

However - we didn't see much. Most kids just stood there, some had stage fright, another was busy chatting with friends, and Jackson spent his time just looking around! :) It didn't matter to us, we still had tears in our eyes and cheered as loud as we could.

Enjoy some video and photos from Jackson's Broadway Debut! :)

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Nickie Eisele said...

OMG! Too cute, Kris!!!