Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

What can we say...Jackson loves show tunes! :)

Jackson has taken a serious liking to the musical Annie (It happens to be one of our favorites too). It is one of his first requests when he visits Mamaw Penny and Pop's house. Recently, Penny told me how Jackson has started to even sing the songs out loud...I had to check it out myself.

This morning I googled Annie to see if I could find any video of the musical online. Sure enough - almost every scene is on YouTube. Jackson was quick to join in the chorus and I was quick to grab the flip cam!

Check out the video!

Love it!


Stacey B. said...

He is so freaking cute!

Jessica said...

Time to call BROADWAY!!! loving it.

McCord Family said...

This just made my day! Thanks Jackson, you are a star in my heart!!