Friday, June 18, 2010

Missing Dad!

Dad and I in 1982
My favorite photo - it has sat on my night stand since I can remember!

Father's Day is approaching. In fact, I'm off to run a couple of errands and finalize Justin's Father's Day gift. Of course, it tugs at my heart that I'm not buying a gift for my own Dad.

The last Father's Day I spent with my Dad I bought him a book of personal stories about Dad's and their daughters. The very first page listed the lyrics to "Daddy's Little Girl" - a song that Dad sang to all of us as babies. It was that very same song that he and I danced to at my wedding. As Dad and I started dancing he and I were chatting about the day. But when the band began to sing the lyrics - Dad stopped talking and he sang the song to me one more time as he had years ago. Oh, what I'd give to hear it again today.

Its Father's Day weekend - and my Dad is on my mind. Today, is also my parents wedding anniversary. I wish he was here to celebrate both.

Miss him.

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