Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So He's No Mario Andretti...but he's still cute!

Last week, Jackson's pre-school held the 2010 "Mini 500" - complete with a pace lap! :)
It was an adorable event and Jackson loved the extra time outside. I'm not sure he understood he was actually in a RACE - he was a little slow out of the gate! :)

In keeping with Jackson's style and personality - he enjoyed the cookout after the race the most! Can't beat a hot dog with his friends, Mommy and Daddy, and even Mamaw Penny!

This was such a great event - as for winning - there is always next year!

Jackson's class. (He's on the right in the red)

Pit Crew - Jackson needed some help with his helmet.


Showing off his medal!

Jackson and Mamaw Penny

Jackson was so excited his Daddy made it!

Enjoy the video!

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Debbie Reeves said...

You don;t know how much enjoyment I get checking in on this site. Jackson is so cute and smart. Keeping all these recordings will be worth more than you can imagine after he's grown which he seems to be doing quickly. Love you Debbie R.