Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Potty Time!

I snapped this photo shortly after the big event!

Guess who used the potty for the first time???

Nope - Not Justin....JACKSON! :)

We have been sitting Jackson on the potty for a few weeks now with no action at all. He loves sitting on the toilet but other than that I thought he was missing the point. I was wrong. Tonight, Justin walked him into the potty and off he went. Of course, he could work on his aim a little (but that goes for most men).

We were so proud - and boy did we celebrate. Lets just say I brought back some moves from my cheerleading days when Justin announced what took place. Jackson even clapped for himself. Jackson was dissapointed when the celebration ended and asked for "more potty!"

But like always it is two steps forward and 4 steps back - Jackson peed in the tub shortly after the big event! Oops!

Wish us luck with potty training!

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