Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Finally, our Christmas post.

Jackson helps make Christmas so fun!  

We packed a lot into a couple of days, but it was so worth it!  

Our Christmas celebration included visiting with Justin's family and mine - and finding time to celebrate with just the three of us.   Its  a lot for a toddler (and Mom and Dad) - but somehow he smiled most of the time.

It was so nice that Jackson was feeling better in time for Christmas.  I almost forgot how happy he can be when he feels great!

Too many great photos to share that captured our holiday (Michelle has started calling me The Family Paparazzi) - so I compiled a slideshow below.  Here you will find photos from Christmas Eve at our house, Christmas Morning with the Bixler's, Christmas night with the Symmes family, and our annual LAZY DAY (day after Christmas).  Also, take notice of my sister's (Deb) wrapping paper - she wrapped our presents in old family photos.  It was such a great way to include my Dad in our holiday.  I was missing him so much and it was nice to see some old photos of him!  I chose "I'll be home for Christmas" by Johnny Mathis for the slideshow music because it was my Dad's favorite!  We played it on Christmas - and thought of Dad.

A big thanks to the Boyd Family for hosting our Christmas.  Michelle and Tom have helped my family create new Christmas traditions without forgetting the ones Mom and Dad helped us create years ago.  Another thanks to Michelle, for my Coke ornament...its on my tree now and I think of Dad every time I see it!

Enjoy the photos!

I thought Jackson would be over-the-moon excited about the talking Elmo that Santa left him.  And though he thought it was fantastic...It was the basketball goal and ball that really won him over.  Jackson is officially a fan of Santa Claus!

Some kids don't like getting clothes for Christmas...but not Jackson.  Check out the short video below to see how Jackson would "Show-off" any new clothes that he would open.  He was so proud!


P.S.  Jackson and Justin got me a new "Flip-cam." This was one of my first times using it.  LOVE IT!  Can't wait to capture more of Jackson on video!  I can just throw it in my purse and video tape any time!  I am so excited!

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Nickie Eisele said...

Love the photos, Kris! Thanks for letting us share some Christmas memories with all of you too. You had a wonderful Christmas and I know Dad was very proud!