Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to the World, Mr. Kooper Westin Charles!

Jill, Kristin, Kristen, and Amanda before the main event!

Welcome Kooper!

Yesterday, our great friends - Kristin and Aaron Charles - welcomed their newborn son, Kooper into this world.  And...their daughter - Addison - finally got to hold "her baby" for the very first time. 

We all waited patiently (well - not really) to find out whether this baby was a boy or a girl!  I found it just perfect that Kristin and Aaron got a son after waiting 7 years to give Addison a sibling!  

Kooper may be the baby of the family - but he sure made his arrival a "big" one.  Kooper came into this world weighing well over 9 lbs!  The nurse even commented how the newborn diapers they had set aside for Kooper wouldn't work - he is already in size 1 diapers!  The newborn diapers might be too small - but the Charles' hearts have enough love for this big boy!  Kristin, Aaron, and Addison beamed with pride all afternoon holding Kooper!

It was so sweet to see the Charles foursome complete!  We love all of them so much!

Enjoy some photos from such an exciting day!

Kooper Westin Charles

Already in size 1 diapers!  :)

Kristin and Kooper - and their biggest fans!

Jill, Kristen, Amanda with the Charles' kiddos -
Kooper and Addison!

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