Monday, March 15, 2010

Drum Major in Training???

Those of you who read this blog often may remember a couple weeks back I posted about attending the last Highland High School home basketball game before the school is closed.  Justin and I had a great time - but apparently, so did Jackson.

Ever since then, Jackson spends his morning (and some evenings) asking if he can watch the video from the game.  He can even point to the icon for it on my computer.  Needless to say - the HHS school song is etched into my brain each morning - anything to be able to put make-up on without little hands tugging at my legs.  It also helps entertain him during long breathing treatments - even more-so than the Handy Manny website.  

Tonight, while the three of us went about our night, Justin whispered "Kris, look - he's imitating the drum-major from the video."  I glanced over and Jackson had my kitchen spatula (got it out of the dishwasher when I was unloading) and was using it as the mase.  I immediately grabbed the camera!

If you don't count the fact that he never catches it - he's not bad!  :)

We laughed pretty hard at this one. Most nights he wants to toss the football or shoot baskets - We have no idea where this came from!

Enjoy the video!


Nickie Eisele said...

OMG! Kris, that is absolutely adorable! Love it!

Anonymous said...

How precious!! Let me know if he needs another Grandma to help spoil him.

Jessica said...

Okay, another reason why HHS should not close. He is a boy that pulls on my heart strings. I am loving it! So so so impressive on how he is modeling what is has seen... You go Jackson!