Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He's a "Big Guy"

This T-shirt was too fitting - he's a big boy now!

Jackson is loving gaining his Independence!  However, it is a bit challenging for us.

When we once hurried out the door throwing our coats on and even making sure Jackson was bundled up  - we now wait patiently while Jackson tries to zip up his own coat.  And don't even get my started on him putting on his own shoes!

Though it takes us more time and patience - we love watching him grow!

Here is a list of things Jackson has decided to shout "I TRY" when we try to help:

1.  Brushing his teeth
2.  Shampooing his hair
3.  Doing the laundry - yep, he actually wants to do the laundry
4.  Buckling his car seat
5.  Typing the security code in the key pad at pre-school
6.  Pouring milk into a sippy-cup (this one can get kind of messy)
7.  Unlocking any door
8.  Walking up or down any stairs without help (make sure you have a while - he's slow)
9.  Applying his own hair product - he's watched his Daddy plenty of times!
10.  FACEBOOK - yep, he actually knows his way around it.  He asks to see "Mamaw, Doo, Shel, Sa-wa, and Ad-am"

Needless to say - we are learning to set aside more time for these (and many more) activities - but watching him grow and learn is so much fun.

Truth be told - we are also setting aside more patience.  We are learning as Jackson is learning!  :)

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The Walti Family said...

Ha! Such a cute picture (and shirt!) and I can definetly relate to what you are experiencing with Jackson! Jack now is OBSESSED with "driving" my car for 20 minutes when we get home at night, so we just sit on the street and let him do it. And EVERYTHING is "MY DO IT!!!" Gotta love the strong-willed boys!