Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rough Week!

Jackson isn't feel so great - but the Elmo slippers help!

(Elmo Slippers courtesy of Grandma Penny)

We have had a rough few days.

Justin came home from California just in time for Jackson to start having flu symptoms.  After a trip to the pediatrician, it was confirmed...Jackson had the flu.

So we have been battling Jackson's flu symptoms and everything that comes along with the flu - including Jackson sleeping in our bed each night.  Our smiling little boy hasn't been himself and has needed a little extra love.  After two days home from pre-school, I think Jackson is on the mend and will be back at school in time for "snack-time" (his favorite) in the morning.  

In the middle of helping Jackson get better, Justin found himself at the emergency room.  Justin had surgery a year ago on his finger.  After the trip to the ER and an office visit to the surgeon who performed his surgery, Justin received the news that he has a serious infection in his finger due to a possible suture that was left in his finger when they removed them a year ago. 

Needless to say - Gross.

Yesterday, Justin had his entire fingernail removed to completely clean the infection.  Justin has asked that I spare all of you the photo.  Take my word - it is more than disgusting!  

So we are hoping our week gets better.  Justin is on some good pain killers - so at least he is entertaining.  :)

We hope your week is going well!

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Melmo...LOL! Hope you are back to your adorable little self soon Jackson!!