Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Mom of the Year" reason #137

Motherhood is an adventure.  A fun one.  A humble one.  One that teaches you to laugh...even at yourself.  

I am often quoting reasons why I won't be winning "Mother of the Year" this year.  Always saying, "there is always next year."  Maybe by the time Jackson is in his 30's - I might stand a chance!  :)

Last week - I had another "Mom of the Year" moment...

I had changed Jackson's diaper just before leaving for pre-school.  I ran into my bathroom for just a quick check in the mirror and some last minute lip-gloss.  

I found Jackson playing with his toys and we both rushed to the car.  

Our day went on as usual.  

When I arrived to pick him up, Ms. Arthur explained that they changed Jackson's diaper 2 hours after he had arrived -- only to find that he had no diaper on to begin with.  Yep!  That's right folks - I sent my 18 month old child to pre-school without a diaper.  

HOWEVER - I know I put a diaper on him.  One of Jackson's latest tricks is to reach into his pants and rip his diaper out.  He will put the diaper in the trash and just go on about his way "Free Willy" style.  Super!

I explained this to Ms. Arthur (who I was certain thought I "forgot" to put a diaper on him).  She laughed and explained that a lot of children this age have a habit like this.  She did say they never found the diaper and she was certain he had taken it off before leaving our house (probably when I was in the bathroom). She politely suggested I start having Jackson wear a onsie so he can't get to the diaper.

I was thinking more like duct tape!  :)

Again - Mother of the Year!

P.S.  Do I get points if he was completely dry after two hours without a diaper?

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Nickie Eisele said...

I'd just get him starting on potty training, Kris! I am cracking up. I'm sure I have several stories that I could share! ha You're a wonderful mother. I'll buy him some duct tape for Christmas! :)