Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Pacifier for Papaw Mike?

It is no secret. Jackson LOVES his pacifier.

It is also no secret that it is time to give it up.

We thought about leaving it for Santa Claus at Christmas, but Justin was afraid Jackson would then resent Santa Claus.

So, we decided Jackson should leave it for the Easter Bunny (My mom says it worked for me when I was 3).

But, then we decided we don't want to fly with Jackson NOT having a pacifier.

So then it was pushed until after our Disney vacation.

However, Justin and Jackson spent some time at the cementary last week planting trees at my Dad's grave as a favor to my Mom. I was with my sister-in-law, Ashley, in Fishers when my cell phone rang. It was Justin. Justin explained that Jackson had something to tell me. Jackson got on the phone - and here is how the next few minutes went (on speaker phone so Ashley could hear too):

Me: Hi Buddy!

Jackson: Hi Mommy!

Me: What's Up?

Jackson: Hey Mommy, I gave my Paci to Papaw Mike.

Ashley and I look at each other confused.

Me. What Buddy?

Jackson: Yeah! Daddy dug a hole. I put my Paci in there and Daddy put some dirt on it. I left Papaw Mike my Paci.

Ashley and I are both wiping tears from our eyes.

Me: Buddy, that is very sweet - I just know Papaw will take good care of it.

Jackson: But Mommy?

Me: Yes, Buddy?

Jackson: But, now I don't have a Paci?!?

Apparently Justin forgot to explain how this works....Needless to say - Jackson had a Pacifier when I got home that night.

A sweet gesture. One I will always remember. My Dad was on my mind a lot that day and this story touched my heart. But as sweet as it was - it was unsuccessful....

So- we are still sticking with the "After Disney" plan....

Wish us luck!

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mamaw said...

That story is so sweet!! I know Papaw Mike will take care of his paci!