Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Remember Sophie?

Remember Sophie?

Today, I got a text message from Justin's Mom, Penny. I was working and quickly glanced to see that it was a picture of her and a dog. I just assumed it was Oscar (our dog that has taken up semi-permanent residence at my in-law's home during our many moves). After thinking to myself, "Why would she send me a picture of her and Oscar?" - I glanced again...only to notice it was our old dog Sophie!

In our first few years of marriage we brought in two dogs into our home. Oscar and Sophie. Sophie came second - and was to be a buddy to Oscar. As much as Sophie loved Oscar - Oscar didn't want a buddy.

Sophie was a great dog - but one with lots of energy. All of that energy got in the way of her learning to be potty-trained...along with many other things. Long story short - we had to find her a new home. It was very hard. We are lucky enough to know her new owner personally and have been able to stay in touch - but have not seen Sophie since our last day with her. We even received a "Merry Christmas" text from Sophie this year. It made our day.

So today - I immediately called my Mother-in-law to ask how in the world there was a pic on my phone of she and Sophie. Turns out she was driving along Fall Creek and saw a lady walking a dog. As if she had just seen Sophie yesterday, Penny shouted, "That is Sophie!" My father-in-law immediately turned around so they could find out for sure and sure enough - it was Sophie!

Penny and Sophie

Sophie was very happy to see Penny (lots of kisses) - truth be told Penny was better to Sophie than we were - and missed her just as much.

It was obvious that Sophie is in good hands and enjoys afternoon walks with her new owner. It was also said that her favorite habit is "chasing squirrels." Yep. That sounds like Sophie!

Situations like these can often go badly - we feel so lucky to know that Sophie is in such good hands. It is also nice to know that Sophie remembers being loved by her "old family" too.

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Stacey B. said...

Look at chubby little Jackson! So cute!