Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet "Paci"

Many of you know how attached Jackson is to his "Paci."

I often joke that he will be taking his paci on dates when he is older.

He is only allowed the Paci during naptime while he is at pre-school. This usually isn't a problem for Jackson. However, Ms. Harold recently shared that Jackson was having a tough day at school and she found Jackson with his head literally "in" his cubby. When she approached him to find out what he was doing - she said it turned out he was getting a "quick-fix" with his paci. He quickly put it away and went about his day. Hilarious!

A few days after Ms. Herald found Jackson in his cubby for his "Paci Break" she was working with him on some artwork. He had drawn a picture of a person and was asked to give his "friend" a name. Ms. Herald said that most kids were naming each other, or they were naming the picture "Mommy" or "Daddy". Our child named his friend "Paci."

Of course he did...

Enjoy the artwork. Jackson is enjoying his Paci! :)

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