Monday, July 21, 2008

Class of 1998!

Highland High School Class of 1998

Buddies: Jt, Jake, Adam, Justin, and Joe

Tech Prep Class of 1998

The Wives: Sara, Lora, Kristen, Amy (soon-to-be wife of Shawn - Can't wait!), and Kellie

Even the principal came! Mr. Brown enjoying the electric slide!

This past weekend Justin and I attended his ten year class reunion.

Justin has this amazing group of friends who have been close since middle school (this explains why we had 10 groomsman and 6 ushers at our wedding). These guys have stayed close through the years and have a friendship that many couldn't imagine with their highschool friends.
Since Justin and I have been married, these guys have become my friends. Their wives have become some of the best girlfriends a girl could ask for.

We see these people almost weekly. Email and text almost daily.

So Justin's ten-year reunion was not only a chance to see old friends whom he hadn't seen in years, it was just another reason to have fun with our closest of friends.
We had ton's of fun! Enjoy some photos!
Hint: click on the photo to view a larger version.

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Tracey L said...

Kristen and Justin

Thanks for sharing the photos from the reunion. It was great to see the both of you. Congrats on your new addition. Jackson is too cute.

Tracey L.