Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm back at work!

After 10 weeks of diaper and bottle duty, I traded in my sweats for dress clothes. It was bitter sweet. I was ready to work and have adult conversation, but not ready to leave Jackson everyday.

The night before I returned to work, I started crying when I put him to bed. Why is this so hard? I have always wanted to be a working mother. Others tried telling me it would be hard, I didn't believe them. But as one wise co-worker pointed out on my first day back, "It wouldn't be right if it didn't tug at your heart strings to leave him everyday." Well put.

For the next 6 weeks Jackson will be spending his days with Grandma Penny, Grandma Charsh, and Aunt Amanda (Huge thanks to all three). We are very grateful that Jackson won't have to start Day Care until after Labor Day. What great family and friends!

Side Note: Amanda has never changed a diaper! Please stay tuned. I am certain there will be another post about Amanda's week with Jackson! We can't wait!

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