Monday, September 22, 2008

Funny...the things you remember

Yesterday, Justin and I were at the Colts game trying to cheer the Colts to a victory. It was half-time and I of course needed popcorn. We headed to the concession stand. However, most of the crowd was doing the same. We got separated.

I looked back and could see Justin chatting up a very tall man who looked just a bit familiar. I stood to the side and waited for Justin to finish talking. Then, Justin and this very tall - somewhat familiar man came over to chat.

Justin said, "Kris, remember this guy? He gave you the epidural for Jackson." Ah ha! I remembered him instantly. For a 20-minute period that eventful night...this strange-tall man was my new best friend.

I shook his hand (I should have hugged him) and said thank you. He smiled back and we separated in the crowd.

Justin remembered him instantly because during the procedure this man yelled at Justin for talking. I gave Justin the look of "do what he says - he has the good drugs!"

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