Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackson!

A little over a year ago Justin and I found out we were expecting a baby. After a late night pregnancy test I told Justin my exciting news. We hugged and cried...and hugged some more. Justin insisted we go to the store and buy every test they make ... you know, just to be sure. We did. By the time we finally went to bed...we knew our lives had changed for the better.

As I look back on what we have been through this last month, I know we were meant to have Jackson. I'm not super religious, but I know God gave me Jackson to help me pull through the loss of my Dad.

I have always had a fear of loosing my parents. I don't know why, just something i always worried about (probably why I called my Dad every day). I always worried my Dad wouldn't be here to see me graduate from college, walk me down the aisle, or see my children. He was here for it all. Not only was he here to see it, but he was here to celebrate it.

As this month marks Jackson's fourth-month birthday, we will celebrate it...Just as my Dad would have. Happy Birthday, Jackson!

We love you!
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Nickie Eisele said...

I'm sure Dad is celebrating with you today! Happy Birthday, Jackson!

penny said...

Ok is he not the cutest baby in the whole world or what? I just want to give him a big hug right now!!!!! Happy Birthday baby Jackson...........your grandma loves you!!!!