Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few things I never told my Dad...

Justin and I were having one of our night time chats about my Dad. We usually talk about what a great father and grandfather he was. We talk about how supportive he was to Justin and I both. We remember how excited he was for Jackson's arrival and how he brought us dinner each night in the hospital so we wouldn't have to eat hospital food.

Last night, during our talk, Justin said "you know, you couldn't have showed him or told him how much you loved him anymore than you did." Justin is right. Some people have often teased me because even after I was married, I called home every night to say good night. I don't regret one phone call.

I told my Dad a lot about my life. But of course, there were a few things I didn't tell him. Or…even a few times I didn't tell the whole story…So here I go. Dad, there are a few things I need to get off my chest…

  • Ok, so I really was the one who wrote KRISTEN on the wall when I was 5. It wasn't Michelle. (Sorry Michelle!)
  • When you would come home from work for lunch. I would tell you to stay home with mom and I because "I didn't feel well". I felt fine. I just wanted you to stay home and watch Young and the Restless with us. You always liked Victor.
  • When I was in the 6th grade, I had you go to school and have them switch my teacher. I complained he wasn't nice to me. I'm sure he was nice enough…but I wanted to be in the same class as Jenny. But… I think you knew that was why and you did it anyways. Jenny and I both thank you.
  • In my bedroom in our old house, there is a spot in the carpet that is a little shorter than the rest of the carpet. I spilt nail polish there and I cut it out rather than tell you and mom.
  • Once, when I was grounded from the phone (one of many times) Deb told you I was hiding in my closet talking to a boy. I called Deb a liar (should have called her a snitch) and said it wasn't true….it was true. I was hiding so I could talk without you knowing.
  • Also, when I told you that my bad mid-term grade in biology was because my teacher was just "so tough"...that wasn't really true. The teacher was reasonable, the work was easy...but I spent my class time writing notes back and forth to the same guy mentioned above. Sorry...turns out, he wasn't worth it. You always told me that.
  • Once, when you thought I had been at a cheerleader slumber party you found out we had been drinking (I was only 16). The girls and I came up with a plan to tell our parents that we went to Edgewater Park and had a few drinks there. We told you this because Stacey wouldn't get in trouble if that was our story. The rest of us were in trouble either way. Truth be told, we all went to our first college party at Ball State. (I hope the other girls have told their parents by now!)
  • In college, all those charges on my American Express to the Willard weren't always for Pizza…there might have been a few pitchers of beer here and there…and there might have been a couple of shots….ok, more than a couple. Truth be told, we had a toast we did to "Mike Symmes" for buying the round of shots! My sorority sisters thank you!
  • Also in college, you would comment about the extensive miles I was putting on my car. I would insist it was because I came home to see you so often. However, I think it was all my trips to Ball State to see Justin. But, I think you knew that too.
  • While on my honeymoon, I called home "Collect" quite often. I told you it was the only way I could call home. Truth was, I knew I couldn't afford the charges, but wanted to talk to you and mom so badly. I wanted to thank you for the amazing wedding and tell you how much I loved you both...and it couldn't wait until I got home. So, "Operator, I'd like to make a collect call" sounded pretty good to me.

Dad, none of this would be a suprise to you. You always knew what I was up too. After writing this, I realize what I'm in for as a parent. But, through it all your loved never waivered. You were strict and tough with your groundings, but always tender with your love. Thank you.

I will walk a little lighter today knowing that I finally came clean...funny how this stuff stays with you.

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Deb said...

I knew it! Liar.