Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day without my Dad...

Yesterday was April 15….Tax Day.

Most people hate this day and dread it each year.

My family would always celebrate it.

My father was an accountant and April 15 was the day that marked the end of his long hours away from home.

I can remember as a little girl my Mom, sisters, and I would pile into the car and take my Dad dinner to the office during tax season. On the few nights he would come home for dinner, I would cling to his legs (literally) and beg him not to return to the office.

April 15 was almost a holiday in our house…because we got our Daddy back.

This year, I wished it was that simple.

I missed calling my Dad this year to celebrate April 15! Since I became an adult, we would laugh about how he would spend his days after April 15. He would say he was going to sleep…but would always end up finishing a long awaited honey-do list.

I spent yesterday thinking about my Dad.

In fact, a coworker who is recently engaged was telling me all about her wedding plans. She was telling me who would be standing up with her and when she would be asking them.

As I listened to her story I remembered my Dad on the night I got engaged. Justin and I rushed over to my parent’s house to share our good news (though they had already been briefed by Justin). When I arrived, my Dad said with excitement, “I already know who your bridesmaids will be!” Of course, I had the list made out about a year before that night…and there and then my Dad recited my sisters and my girlfriends one by one…he got all 10 right….Even in the right order!

Not all Dads can do that. He was special. I am lucky to have these wonderful memories of him.

April 15 without my Dad wasn’t the same. But it shouldn’t have been. He was missed.


Jessy said...

I thought about him alot too yesterday. Everyone knew if you were going to see Uncle Mike in April that it was going to have to be at the office. He got there extra early and stayed extra late!

Anonymous said...

Thought about you all day yesterday too. Thought about calling Jess to see how you were doing, but got busy and didn't do it. Hope the day went well. ~ Danielle

deb said...


I went to comment on this, got teared up and stepped away for a kleenex when the doorbell rang.

So I'm just now getting around to it.

Wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading it, and it reminded me of all the years we have counted down the days to April 15th, knowing Dad would get some relief.

I missed that this year. I hated not being able to call him and have him say he was 'on his last return.'