Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Melt Down #1

Since I was pregnant, I have been part of a "May 2008 Mommy" chat-room. It was great to talk with other women who were due the same month I was. It was also great for when I had questions about my growing belly. I could always find our chat-room under the "In the Womb" section.

Once we had our babies, our chat room was moved to a different section of the Website, titled "infants." No big deal, after all our babies had arrived and it seemed appropriate.

I still check this chat-room once a week or so. It has been fun to hear about other babies growing and developing. It is also nice to know that I am not the only mom who can't get her son (with 8 teeth) to eat a real green bean!

Last night, I logged onto the Website....and the chat-room has been moved the TODDLER section.

This was a kick in the baby is a TODDLER!?!

This is officially melt-down #1 over Jackson turning one!

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Lindsay said...

You go ahead and cry if you want to! It's hard to think of your "baby" not being a baby anymore. (I'm sure that your mom feels the same way about you even now) You would think that their birthday's would get easier as they turn 2, 3....7, but it doesn't. You still feel the same way. Hang in there...he'll always be YOUR baby!