Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Todd, Jackson, Ashley, Justin

Justin and I want to wish his sister, Ashley, a very Happy Birthday!

Ashley is a great Aunt to Jackson. She is always willing to babysit and sends us such great photos when we are away from Jackson. She is always calling me for his latest sizes and always has the cutest gifts for him.

Ashley was also an amazing nanny for Jackson for six months. She stepped in at a very difficult time for me. We were to start sending Jackson to daycare two weeks after my Dad passed away. Justin and I were both so emotional over loosing my Dad that we were not ready to leave our new baby with strangers (one traumatic event at a time). Ashley came to stay with us and help take care of Jackson while I returned to work. We can't thank her enough!


We hope you enjoy your day! We can't wait to celebrate on Sunday.

lots of love,
Justin, Kristen, and Jackson!
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