Monday, April 6, 2009

Giggles and Peek-a-boo!

Jackson was in a great mood tonight.

Justin was out running a couple errands and Jackson and I stayed home to watch Dancing with The Stars (Melissa is our favorite).

Jackson was so much fun!

We played Peek-a-boo and I danced around the apartment to some I-tunes. Jackson thought my dancing was pretty funny (though he isn't the only one who thinks this). I was able to capture his great mood on camera. Check out some of the photos above!

Below is a video clip of our peek-a-boo game (I spared myself the embarrassment of being on camera)! I love his belly laughs!

Justin returned home just a while ago. Now, he and Jackson are sitting on the couch together watching the NCAA Finals...Jackson is rooting for North Carolina!


Grandma Penny said...

Love the pixs, you can almost see his top teeth in his chinese eyes pix :) too cute, makes me miss him!!!

Jessica said...

I miss the baby laugh! He sure is growing and changing. Can't believe he is almost one. Can't wait to see him soon.