Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jackson needs a Tee Time!

Justin let Jackson play with his golf clubs this week.
I'm afraid we have sparked his interest....

He even went to sleep with his golf balls...only after he carried them around ALL NIGHT!
Perhaps, Justin's golfing buddies won't mind if Jackson joins them every weekend!
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Anonymous said...

I think the boys need someone to show them how its dont. PS if Jackson goes with them we can go shoppin.---Rachel

Lindsay said...

He's getting so big, and is still absolutely adorable! Here is a piece of advise from a mom who has "been there, done that...." get Jackson some plastic golf balls. You don't realize how hard they can throw until you catch one of the real golf balls to the back of the head. Trust me!
Lindsay L

McCord Family said...

Jackson can probably out drive his dad already!