Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Jackson is 11 months today!

We are in complete denial.

Jackson will turn one in exactly one month!

It just seems impossible.

It seems just like a week ago Justin and I were driving to Indy from Bloomington for our childbirth classes. But, in reality, childbirth classes were over a year ago. How can that be?

How can it be that our baby boy is talking, walking, shouting, and is just as rotten as ever? What happened to the baby that woke me every 4 hours for a bottle and some snuggle time? Now, Jackson comes in to our bed with a rotten grin - ready to play. He usually wants to sing "Itzy Bitzy Spider" or show me his "flirt face" (his Daddy taught him that one...and it can work on any lady!)

How can it be that instead of mixing formula every 3 to 4 hours - we are feeding him right from our plate? How can it be that my baby wears just as much hair product as his Daddy? How can it be that those once ity-bity fingers are now chubby sticky fingers every time I look?

I know, it will happen. He will grow up. So we are going to celebrate the fun that we have had this past year...and all the fun that is to come!

Justin and I have been busy with planning Jackson's birthday party. In fact, the invitations went out today (Thanks to Aunt Shel for creating the best birthday invite!). Grandma Charlotte and I have already discussed what Jackson's birthday cake should look like...can't wait to see it (Grandma Charlotte will be making it)! And don't worry...Grandma Penny knows to bring the punch. :)

We can't wait to celebrate Jackson's first year!

Stay tuned for my emotional breakdowns in the next few weeks...I'm sure there will be many!

Seriously...How is he almost one?
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Jessica said...

He is already such a refined "young" gentleman and he isn't yet one.
Time does fly, cherish every moment! Love you all

Jason & Nadia said...

I cannot believe it's been a year, either! He gets cuter every day!

Nadia & Jason

Anonymous said...

And to think one of your best friends will be 30 on his birthday. Talk about growing fast. Those years fly. I'm so glad you appreciate how fast this time goes and trying to capture every moment with him. DR