Monday, April 13, 2009

Jackson's First Easter

Jackson's first Easter was fantastic!

We had a full day of traveling to spend time with both my family and Justin's.

We celebrated Easter in the morning with our small family of three. Then we traveled to Anderson to see Justin's family. Jackson entertained Justin's family with his bag of tricks and even posed with some bunny ears (see photos below).

Next, it was on to Cadiz to my Grandmother's house. At 85 years old, she still insists she makes the whole dinner herself! It was fantastic. My mom even made the "Bunny Cake" which my sisters and I insist on each year. ...And of course, we had the family Easter egg hunt! Of course, my Dad was missed at Easter this year. We missed his laughter and humor at the dinner table.

After the day was over, Jackson slept great in his new Easter Pj's from Grandma and Grandpa Bixler.

Jackson was showered with such wonderful Easter treats from everyone! We are so very lucky to have wonderful family to shower Jackson with such love!

Check out some of the photos from Jackson's first Easter.

Thanks to all who helped make Jackson's first Easter so wonderful!

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Grandma Penny said...

Ok it's official we are the luckiest grandparents in the world, that video was great and reminds me even more how precious he really you guys!!