Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finished Product...

Last week I posted about my day with pottery. My girlfriends and I spent the day at the pottery place making our very own pieces (OK, maybe we were just painting them). We had lots of laughs (mostly at our own expense) and it was great fun.

I made Jackson a plate that he could use as he eats his first piece of birthday cake. Can't wait.

I wasn't too disappointed about how the plate turned out. It isn't perfect, but it was made with lots of love.

P.S. Girls, I picked up your pieces too...they all look great!
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Jessy said...

I love the plate!! He'll love it forever too!!

Anonymous said...

Kris--It looks AWESOME!!! Great Job! We will have funny stories to share with Jackson someday about that you're gonna have trouble with that and so many more! It was made with love and that is what counts!