Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let the Celebration Begin!

Who is the "kid" in this photo

We are officially kicking off Jackson's (two week) birthday celebration.

Today we lowered Jackson's crib to the lowest level. We decided it was time to do so when I walked into his room this morning and he was removing the frames from the wall above him. Jackson loved checking out the "new crib" and even showed off for the camera. Check out the photos above.

As you know, Jackson turning one has brought on some mixed emotions. We just can't believe our baby is walking and talking (and running the show). It is hard to admit Jackson doesn't want to always be held or need us to help get around. However, he is just so much fun these days. He adds something new to his "bag of tricks" each day. We can't wait to see what each day brings.

So please join us in officially kicking off the birthday celebration. This week, we have a busy schedule getting ready for a party at Uncle Tom and Aunt Shel's house (thanks for hosting Tom and Michelle!). Next week, we will be celebrating with the Creason's (Justin's extended family) at Grandma Marge's house (thanks for hosting Grandma Marge).

Check in this week and next to see how we are celebrating the big "ONE."
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McCord Family said...

I am hoping he gets a girlfriend this week for his birthday!!! Jackson, can you send Maddy some signals on how fun it is out here in the real world for me?!?!?
Happy First Birthday Week!!!!!!


Jessica said...

Can't wait to celebrate this weekend with the Big "1"! Lots of love~ enjoy all of his new tricks.

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwww he is SOOOOO cute!!