Monday, April 27, 2009

The Birthday Haircut

Check out the new bruise (right next to one he got on Sunday)

Tonight we took Jackson to get his haircut so he will look "dapper" at his party. He wasn't too sure what to think at first...but as always, he was all smiles in no time.

Check out the new bruise he picked up today. Its a good thing the colors of his party are black and blue....because that is what he will be by Sunday. It seems as he gains confidence with walking, he gains more bruises!

Jackson was in a great mood tonight. He giggled while I gave him "Eskimo kisses" and danced as we watched Dancing with the Stars. He was so much fun!

So far...Jackson's birthday week has been fantastic! Can't wait for tomorrow. :)
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Anonymous said...

You'll have to get him a helmet to wear until Sunday so that those bruises can heal!!

deb said...

I love the 3rd down...GREAT grin!

Aunt Deb