Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moving is exhausting...

This weekend was "moving weekend" for my Mom.

We had wonderful family and friends who helped my mom all weekend (really they have helped for a couple of weeks now). It seemed there was always someone to help lift something heavy, tape up a box for storage, or just hand us a tissue when we found something of my Dad's.

Grandma Evy was there all weekend with enough food to feed the troops in Iraq. :) At one point, I think she brought in as many boxes of food than we had just loaded on the truck. That is what Grandma's are feed us!

A HUGE thanks to all of those who helped us this weekend. Moving is stressful. If you add the emotions we were all going through... it made for a very exhausting weekend. Our friends and family helped make it a little easier. Thank you.

Also...a big thanks to Sara McCord who kept Jackson for the day!! It was so nice knowing that Jackson was in great hands!

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