Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jackson's 9-month photos

Last week we had Jackson's 9-month photos taken.

Jackson was decked out in a shirt that looked like it came straight from Justin's closet, some old fashion PJs, and we even had some photos taken with his bank from Papa Mike/Uncle Tom.

I think the photos turned out fantastic...I just can't resist his smile!

We just got word that the photographers have posted a few of the photos on their blog. We can't wait to see the rest!

Click here to check out some of Jackson's 9-month photos:


McCord Family said...

Such great pictures!!!! I can't wait to spend some time with him on Saturday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Could this child get any more precious?? I really see "Baby Model" in his future. Deb R

Jessy said...

The baby gap called... they said quit using their models for your blog! HAHA JK Really though could he be any more cute?