Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Anniversary Trip 2009

Justin and I have been in Tennessee for the past four days celebrating our up-coming sixth wedding anniversary. We rented a cabin near Gatlinburg. Our cabin had an amazing view of the mountains that we managed to appreciate every day. The weather was fantastic and we even got to play at little "putt-putt" one day. (Note to Justin's golfing buddies...he only beat me by one stroke!)

Justin knows my favorite board game is monopoly. We never have enough time to play in our busy day-to-day lives. So when we were packing for our trip...he was sure to pack our monopoly game. I am sad to report...he beat me three times! We are also big fans of the card game "rummy." My grandparents taught me the game when I was young and it is literally how Justin and I passed the time the last few months of my pregnancy with Jackson. We couldn't let this trip go without a few card games of "rummy." Again, sadly I have to report that I only won one game out of four. Justin surprised me by scheduling a couples massage at the cabin. It was fantastic. He scheduled it right at sunset and we got to watch the sun set during the massage (though I think Justin fell asleep).

This was the longest we have been away from Jackson. It was a little harder than we thought. At first, we found ourselves talking only about Jackson...and we laughed at how much of our lives this little guy had taken over.....and we love it.

It was great to get away and celebrate our anniversary as we always have...but this year, coming home was just as exciting. We couldn't wait to see Jackson.

Note: A special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Bixler, Grandma Charlotte and Grandma Evy for splitting baby-sitting duty. Thank you for putting up with how often we called to check on Jackson. It was great to get away knowing he was with people who love him.

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm ready for you to go on another vacation because we had so much fun with our favorite little guy...........we always love having him even with sleep deprivation but glad you had such a good time. We missed him as soon as he left on Sunday :(
Grandma B

Jason & Nadia Paul: said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Happy Anniversary! Can you believe it's been 6 years?

I think we stayed at the same place last year - different cabin - but the pictures look very similar! Did you stay at Gatlinburg Falls?

Glad to see you guys got away for a few days! :)

Nadia & Jason