Monday, February 2, 2009

Way to Go, Deb!

We couldn’t be prouder of my sister, Deb.

This weekend was Deb’s dancing debut at the “Dancing Like the Stars” event at the Paramount Theater in our hometown of Anderson.

Deb and our Uncle Dick. Uncle Dick is the President of the Paramount Theatre and Ballroom and
the reason Deb wanted to do the competition!

Deb had practiced for a couple of months.

She was super nervous.

We were super proud!

My whole family gathered to support her - just as we would if one of my nieces or nephews were in a recital or a t-ball game. Even Deb’s close friends and co-workers came out to support her.
How did she do?

She did great!!!

Deb and her dance partner danced the West Coast Swing. They danced to “Sexy Back,” which made for a very fun performance! Deb looked like she was having so much fun!

Deb even brought me to tears (and Mom and Michelle too) because I knew that my Dad would have been so proud of Deb. I mentioned to my Mom that I wish Dad could have seen her dance. Mom said she was sure Dad was with us…I’m sure she was right!

At the end of the evening, the MC announced someone else as the winner (whatever). And…being the competitive family that we are - We pulled aside someone who added the scores to find out who got second (we couldn’t help ourselves). As it turns out, Deb got second! I am demanding a recount (tee hee)!

The night was so much fun! It was great to be together as a family and celebrate something so fun. We sure missed my Dad…but we cheered loud enough for him too!

Deb even got Michelle and I on the Dance floor!

Way to go Deb! Looks like all those years of being a majorette paid off!

We couldn't use flash photography during the dancing. However, Deb's friend, Nikki, snapped a few. You can see the photos here: Thanks for posting them, Nikki!

P.S. Deb introduced Justin to Julia Moffit from WTHR. Other than Deb's was the highlight of his night! :)

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Jessy said...

She looked AMAZING!! And second should really stand for first!!

Love ya Jess