Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Justin and I can't believe that Jackson is 9-months old today.

Each day we love to watch as he learns something new.

He loves to show us how he can clap, wave, crawl, use the walker, and say "Da-Da."

However, Jackson still doesn't want to try solid foods or say "Ma-Ma."

I am certain he is only holding out on "Ma-Ma" because he wants it to be perfect! :)

Happy Birthday, Jackson. We love you more each day!
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Jessy said...

I LOVE his PJs

deb said...

That last photo is adorable! Tell him to work on saying AUNT DEB.

Anonymous said...

tell him uncle tom first

Anonymous said...

Kris--He is so adorable! I miss you both! We all need to get together soon! : )
Love ya!

Melissa said...

What a sneaky little look in that last picture! He has your eyes, Kristen and he has the red nose like Jack's, so funny.