Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Look who's walking!

Justin and I are in denial...but are baby boy is getting so big!

With his one year birthday right around the corner, we have noticed what a "big boy" he truly is.

We love to watch him sift through his toy box to find that one toy to keep him entertained. The winning toy is usually at the bottom. :)

We love to watch Jackson get into something he knows he shouldn't (usually the pantry)...only to look back at us to see if we are watching...(must get that from his Dad).

And...we love to watch him as he learns to walk. I will say this, he picked it up a little faster than I was ready for. I feel like he will be ready to run in the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon with Tommy Boyd to mark his first birthday!

Each night we practice with Jackson as he gets closer and closer to mastering this latest trick. Here is some footage from our latest "practice session."


Grandpa John said...

Good job Jackson!! Don't teach him where the door knobs are!

Jessica said...

Way to Go Jackson! We are proud of you. Watch out now Mom and Dad! You can't stop him now.

McCord Family said...

Too cute!!!!!! Good job Jackson, your becoming such a big boy.