Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Could he be more high maintenance than me?

Check out this photo!

The small red suitcase was mine when I was a little girl. It would hold everything I needed for an overnight stay at my Grandma's.

The larger suitcase on the right is what Jackson traveled with to spend the weekend with Grandma Penny and Grandma Charlotte.

My dogs, Oscar and Sophie, now use the red suitcase when they stay with Justin's folks.

Are my dogs high maintenance...or is my son?
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Melissa said...

Awesome! And I can totally picture you in pigtails carrying your little red suitcase!

Your trip looked great- I'm sure it was much needed! I'm jealous!

Have a good week,

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! He is a pretty high fashion baby!!

McCord Family said...

I had that same red suitcase for my trips to G-mas. Worked just fine for me, I think Jackson must be taking after his dad..teehee!!


deb said...

You. Not Little J. He's too easygoing. Though, he must've packed lots of hair product.

Love you...miss J,