Monday, February 16, 2009

Three Red Roses

Grief is a funny thing. By funny - I mean odd.

I always thought when I lost a parent I would be devastated at Christmas, Birthday celebrations, or other events that all parents are a huge part of.

Since loosing my Dad, I have realized that my parents were so much more than just a Christmas tradition or birthday celebration. I know this, because the hardest days have come when I least expect it.

For example, Valentine's Day.

I spent the week leading up to Valentine's Day worried about my see, this was her first Valentine's Day without my Dad since she was 16. I thought I would get through the day just fine.

I was wrong.

You see, each year I always received three red roses from my Dad. My co-workers would assume the flowers were from Justin. Without even opening the card, I would say "no, these are from my Dad."

Why three red roses? One for each of his daughters.

Michelle, Deb, and I would always call each other that day. We would say, "Boy, Dad shouldn't have sent me a dozen roses this year..." Knowing full well, he sent each of us three. Michelle would be quick to respond, "You only got a dozen...I got two dozen..."

This year, my mom said she didn't want to send us flowers and try to replace our father's tradition. I told her that was okay. I don't want to replace him. I will just treasure all those years I received his roses.

Tucked away in my night stand are all the cards from those Valentine's Day roses. They each read the same, "Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Dad" This year, I pulled a couple out and read them to myself...and missed my Dad.

Remember that Valentine's Day isn't just for your spouse, girlfriend or is for all those that fill our hearts with love. Thanks for teaching that to me, Dad.


Michelle said...

I missed my roses from Dad this year, too, Kristen. He always loved sending those flowers. He also loved the way we teased one another about getting more flowers than the other sisters. I can still hear his laugh when I would retell the story to him. I am smiling just thinking about it! :)

deb said...

I always thought it was special that Dad thought of us on Valentine's Day. Before getting married, there were some years that Dad's roses were my only delivery. I missed them this year, and missed him even more.

Love you...