Sunday, February 15, 2009

A weekend full of love

This weekend marked Jackson's very first Valentine's Day. Justin always plays basketball on Saturday mornings and Jackson and I usually spend the morning at home lounging. This Saturday wasn't much different...except for a couple treats for each of us.

When Jackson finally awakened at 7:30 a.m., I walked in to his room only to be greeted by him and a Valentine's card labeled "Ma-Ma." He stood smiling while I grabbed the camera...and was even patient with me while I snapped a few photos. Thank you, Jackson (a.k.a. Justin) for my sweet card.

I wanted to make Jackson a treat for Valentine's day. Heart shaped pancake bites seemed to be what he needed! He devoured them...and then had his usual bowl of cereal. :)

Later that day I received flowers...and they were my favorite flowers. I pulled out the card and read the sweetest message I have ever received!

Jackson also sent roses to Grandma Charlotte and Grandma Penny...and they called to say what a sweet Valentine he was to them!

Justin, Jackson, and I joined Grandma Charlotte for dinner that night. Jackson was Grandma Charlotte's Valentine for the night! They made the perfect pair!

The next day was our 6th wedding anniversary. I had planned on spending the day helping my mom pack up for her upcoming move. However, she called and decided to take a Justin, Jackson, and I had a very lazy day...we even took a family nap!

Thanks to everyone who sent cards, e-mails or text messages to wish us a Happy Anniversary. We appreciate all the well wishes! My sister, Michelle, and her husband, Tom, had the funniest Anniversary Wish...and we thought we would share with all you of you! If only they moved like that on the real dance floor....Enjoy!

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Jason & Nadia Paul: said...

It sounds like you guys had a nice weekend & a wonderful Valentine's Day. By the way... stargazer lillies are my favorite flowers, too!

Hope Jackson is feeling better!