Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maybe he was hungry...

I was in the middle of putting on Jackson's PJ's the other night...and he bolted for the kitchen (yep...I said bolted...he is pretty fast these days).

I ran behind him to see what was so interesting in the kitchen. It was the refrigerator!

Jackson can open and shut it. He loves to stand in front of it and just "check things out."

Check out the last photo above...I shut the refrigerator door (it was cold and he was naked) and he was not happy! You would have thought I turned his Elmo movie off. He even had real tears!!

He finally let me put his pj's on...and soon forgot about the fridge.

Stay tuned for the dishwasher story...he's really interested in kitchen appliances...and he did not get that from me! :)
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