Monday, March 16, 2009

Way to go Liv and Maddie!

This past weekend Justin, Jackson, and I caught up with the Boyd girls at their cheerleading competition.

We only got to see Liv perform (Maddie went on a little early). Liv did great! I started crying because she is just so big. You can tell she loves every minute of her tumbling, jumping, and dancing. Even Justin admitted he had to look away a couple times to keep from getting a tear in his eye. (Awww...what a softie!) We can remember when she was Jackson's size and we spent our Friday nights was the highlight of our week.

This girls were so sweet to include Jackson in one of their photos...check it out. Jackson loved the music and the lights!

Side Note: Michelle sent me a text last night from the End of the Year Cheer Banquet...Maddie won an award for Best Facials (I think she got that from Aunt was my specialty)! And...Liv won Best Overall Cheerleader!


Uncle Justin and Aunt Kicken are so proud of you! We love you!

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